Monday, 23 April 2012

Distracted & Dreaming ...

Oh my goodness!!!

it has been one of
thOse weekends ...

My crochet course started on Saturday

I was VERY excited.

So excited that I spent 5 minutes
looking for my bra before I realised
that I was already wearing it!!! :0

and then
I drove to the Drs surgery to
collect a prescription ...
but totally forgot what I was doing/where I was going
I realised that I was parking my car...
at the local supermarket!!!  :0

but I am pleased to report that
things improved, as I arrived at the bottom
of crochet hill

 at the top of the hill I
started to relax

when I was greeted by a resident - bearing gifts

sorry about the quality of this photo, but she didn't stay
still for long!  This brought back memories of my first dog, a
working border collie.  Border collies are the most intelligent and
loyal dog you could wish to own, but they need a lot
of stimulation or they become bored and destructive!!  (hmmm a bit like Ollie!!!)

Anyway more of my crochet course next time

 (in my mind I have already
mentally ticked off the crochet box!!)

because inside I was distracted by this

fabric stash envy!!

So, I stopped at Hobbycraft on the way
home and bought a few things .....

and now I want to start quilting :) :)

and as this slipped into my shopping bag too ...

I couldn't resist making this...

so Belbin, I think I am a typical

Plants are creative, unorthodox and generators of ideas.
If an innovative solution to a problem is needed, a Plant is a good person to ask.
 A good Plant will be bright and free-thinking.
 Plants can tend to ignore incidentals and refrain from getting bogged down in detail.
The Plant bears a strong resemblance to the popular caricature of the absent-minded mad professor.

or am I a
Resource Investigator ?
A Resource Investigator has a rush of enthusiasm at the start of a project and vigorously pursues contacts and opportunities.
She is focused, and has a finger firmly on the pulse of the outside world.
Where a Plant creates new ideas, a Resource Investigator will quite happily adapt ideas and gain inspiration from other people.
 A good Resource Investigator is a maker of possibilities but has a tendency to lose momentum towards the end of a project and to forget small details.

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear!!!

in conclusion ...
I haven't got very far with the crochet -
more details to follow.
Take care xx


  1. Hello Lorraine:
    But what fun all of this sounds. And it is always good to be trying new things although, as you suggest here, there are times when life becomes just a little too hectic.

    1. Very hectic at the moment - we have year 6 SATS in a couple of weeks time! :( xx

  2. You made me giggle....that was so funny, I am a scatter head at times too, love the bra story ;o)
    keep at that crochet...and quilting!
    love jooles x

    1. I have been practising this evening, spurred on by my friend Kelly who came on the course with me. She is a natural at it and is helping me too thank goodness! I hope you are feeling better soon x

  3. That was so funny, ending up at Tesco ... I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who is so preoccupied I end up at the wrong destination! Looking forward to crochet course post, sounds fab xx

    1. Do you ever reach a destination and wonder how you got there? xx

  4. That made me chuckle. Cant wait to hear all about the crochet course. My quilting course starts tonight - wish me luck!
    Best wishes

    1. Good luck Sophie - can't wait to hear how you get on xx

  5. I love the fabric you bought (was it all from Hobbycraft? If so, I must go) - you did something right!

    1. yes, all from Hobbycraft (and reduced in their sale too!) Worth popping in if you have a shop near you xx

  6. Love the bra story - made me laugh! I am always wondering where that phone/pen/piece of paper is then realise I am holding it in my hand. Duh. Aren't the courses exhausting?? I was a zombie at the end of mine.

    I looked on the Belbin website - not sure which I am. A person who "tries everything and finishes it through sheer bloody mindedness rather than any real talent or skill, then hides the mistakes with well placed buttons" I think.

    Gillian xx

    1. Part two of the course on Saturday. I am getting better with practise. Have you started on your lovely yarn yet? xx

  7. Ha, ha a brilliant post Lorraine and very refreshing to hear other people do funny things like that too!
    We have a border collie and that its so very true about them becoming destructive when they are bored.
    Keep us posted about the crochet!
    Essie x

    1. Will do! I envy you having a border collie - they are lovely aren't they. The dog I met on Saturday was so friendly, I wanted to take her home with me! xx

  8. Hello Lorraine..It sounds as though you are having lots of fun along the way!....I want to make a quilt too...It's on my list for the Summer (along with soooooo many other things!)...Good luck with your crochet class...I'd like that on my list too!
    Susan x

    1. I'm loving the crochet - not sure if I will ever progress to a granny blanket though :( We must compare lists - I wish there were more hours in a day xx

  9. Loving the bunting! :) can't wait to hear more of your crochet course!
    Victoria xx

    1. I loved making the bunting because I could finally say to Mr B - look I CAN finish things off!! hehe

  10. Weirdly I had to do the old belbin, i am a plant and resource investigator was my second!
    Glad you have been having so much crafting fun! Love the materials you picked out.

  11. It has been fun (but crochet was a touch stressful on Saturday if I'm honest - I had to take a photo of my hand so I would remember how to hold the yarn!!!)
    The materials were on offer in Hobbycraft so it seemed to be the right thing to do .....! xx

  12. So happy to have found your lovely blog...the bunnies are what got me...I adore your bunting...and I am so wanting to teach myself how to crochet...or have someone teach me. Hugs for a great day.

    1. Hello koralee, thank you for coming to say hello. I found it easier to have someone teaching me but many others teach themselves

  13. Great post!!! I have been known to try and make phone calls on my TV remote -and this must be the plant side of the personality (I'm also a plant/resource investigator - sounds like dual personality to me!). Don't give up on the crochet yet ... does get much easier ... not that I think I am holding things correctly as I taught myself off the internet! xx

  14. I loved this post, it sounds like me! Your fabrics are lovely and your little heart garland look so pretty. Hope you enjoy learning to crochet....there are some very good online crochet tutorials for back up between lessons if you need them!
    Have a happy day.
    Helen x

  15. Oh, tee hee!
    Sounds like you had an adventure!
    I'm looking forward to finding out about your crochet class- very intriguing!
    I'm thinking of having a crochet-a-long soon to show beginners and pro's alike how to make a crochet monkey- if you have a mo, take a look and let me know if you're interested!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  16. Thank you for making me laugh xx

  17. What a lovely post, you sound a lot like me, easily distracted
    I sat with a crochet tutorial on line the other night a but I was rubbish but I see all these gorgeous with amazing crochet
    I will try again, oh I love that heart cutter thing what are they called I will order one on line and spend days making heart shapes!!


  18. Marvellous, Lorraine! Yes, you have lost your head to the God of Creative Inspirations. Thank you for making me chuckle...


  19. Gorgeous blog. I'm so glad I found you today and im happy to say I'm a proud new follower.

    Can't wait to see some of your crochet. I am a total crochet addict.

    Love Katie xx

  20. hello lorraine! ended up here by bloghopping, but your post made me smile, so i am saying hello!
    I did the same once- was going to the docs on my day off, and walked straight past, my mind on other things! Only realised when I was half way to work! (I walk there every day!)

    Leanne x

  21. Lol,Sounds just like Me! looking forward to seeing the crochet and sewing makes,good luck!lots of love juliexoxoxo

  22. Great post and I loved the Belbin bit. Think I'm somewhere between a resource investigator and a team worker. I guess no one fits a single profile exactly.

  23. Hobbycraft always makes me want to start about ten new hobbies - a real den of distraction! xCathy

  24. I love border collies too, as you say they are so loyal and clever and also a little bit naughty. Our dog is a beardie collie cross and not as clever as our old dog who was mainly border collie but he is certainly as naughty but also very loyal and affectionate!
    Ann x

  25. hehee, so funny. My poor 4 year old was wearing 2 pairs of undies yesterday. I have no excuse though. You sound like you've been having fun xxx

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. so many lovely crafts to try, so little time.! love your fabrics and your sweet little bunting! thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comment, I hope to be able to sell some of my heart trees soon. x

  28. Hello! Thanks for making me smile! time flies when you are having fun.....x Happy days! x

  29. Lorraine
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I just wanted to send a big hug and say thank you in case you don't see my reply
    Sophie x

  30. Love your heart bunting.... so cute and very shabby chic... GORgeous!!! I have fabric stash envy too, just looking at what you've bought... such a lovely selection you chose.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my granny cushion... glad to hear you are already addicted :) I can't wait to see what you got up to a your crochet class!!!!

    Happy sunday (oh, and happy hooking too!!)
    Louise xx

  31. I LOVE the heart bunting and your story of looking for your bra. I do that sort of thing all the time.

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