Thursday, 19 April 2012

Back to work ..

Work ..

I really, really love my job.

I will admit that I look forward to the holidays and spending time with my own children and catching up with friends, but I think I am very fortunate to be able to work in  a wonderful school, with amazing colleagues and fantastic children. 

But ....this is how I have been spending my evenings!

When really I would prefer to be doing this ....

WiP number 3!!!!

My lovely Ollie had an
 accident at the beginning of the week.
We're not sure how, but he fell out of our kitchen door
one evening and injured his paw/claw.
After a couple of visits to the vet, they
decided that the best way forward was to operate
under anaesthetic.
Although the operation was successful, Ollie took at least 48 hours to
get back to normal (a tail wagging, happy, hungry dog). 
It is amazing to see how Ollie has adapted to walking around on
3 legs.  Hopefully, after another appt. on Saturday, the dressing will
be removed and Ollie will be running around on four legs again.

A new plant

 Retro baking - Key Lime Pie (Yummy)

I'm very excited .....   my crochet workshop starts on Saturday!!!!


  1. I know what marking feels like you poor thing ... don't have to do it any more! Lucky me. Your embroidery looks lovely and it's something I want to try because I just cross-stitch at the moment. Sorry about your lovely Ollie (very trendy bandage) and hope he is back to normal this weekend. Take care. xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words - Ollie seems much better today and hopefully the bandage will be removed this afternoon. I have missed taking him for a walk, it's my time of calm reflection!! I love my job so much - with the exception of marking literacy books!! have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Oh I would not enjoy the marking that goes with teaching. I hope Ollie is on the mend.
    Anne xx

    1. The job is so rewarding Anne but marking is not my favourite part of the job!! Ollie is on the mend but it has been a very 'odd' week as I have missed walking him :( Take care xx

  3. Hello Lorraine:
    Oh, the sight of a pile of exercise books to be marked. How well we remember evenings spent in this way from our teaching days when so many more interesting things were there to fill the time!!

    Poor Ollie. We do hope that after this weekend he will be getting back to normal. It is always so distressing, and worrying, when animals are not themselves.

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog, it's lovely to 'meet' you.

      My class has doubled in size this year - I had 11 children last year which was blissful. This year I have 23 children, but most of them are on some stage of school action/SEN so it is quite challenging. I absolutely love every aspect of teaching, particularly in a challenging environment (with the exception of marking!!!)
      Take care xx

  4. Hello lovely Lorraine :o)

    Poor Ollie, i hope he is back to full happy health very soon x
    I used to work at a pre-school and it was so rewarding, i think being a teacher is one of the most important jobs there is.
    yum to the pie! and oh i love your cross stitch
    enjoy your class
    love jooles x

    1. I haven't been teaching for long (change of career direction 6 years ago) but it is the most rewarding job. I love it. I love working with children who are facing many challenges in their life. Ohhhhh I could talk about the joys of my job endlessly .....
      I hope you have a lovely weekend
      love Lorraine xx

  5. Hi Lorraine
    I wanted to say a big thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving the lovely comments and sharing your views. I thought I would take a moment to pop by your little world and I am so glad I did. I too love cross stitch although I am not as prolific or as talented as you. Your cross stitches are lovely - are they your own designs. Ollie bless him looks a sweetheart and I am sending him get better vibes as we speak. Hopefully he will be bounding about the house and garden in no time. And as for the key lime pie - well, possibly my favourite dessert of all time! We spend two weeks every year in Sanibel, Florida each July and have done for the past 25 years or so. Key Lime Pie became part of my staple diet as a result (now if I want one I have to make a wheat free, egg free version for myself).
    Like you I start a new class next week and I too am very excited to learn a new skill. Do let me know how you get on and please keep in touch.
    Thanks again for stopping by and introducing yourself.
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you for coming to my blog too. I'm so pleased to find another key lime pie fan!! My crochet class is challenging - I think I have 'got it' and then I can't remember what to do!!
      How exciting to read that you are starting a new class too - I look forward to finding out more about it soon.

      Have a lovely weekend xx

  6. Hi Lorraine,
    Poor Ollie! I hope he'll be back to normal soon, so he can enjoy his walks and other doggy fun.
    I'm a teacher too! I work with little ones, though. I love it!!! It's hard work but So rewarding! I guess teaching littles means less marking. ;-)
    Mmmmmm!!! That pie looks so yummmy! I've never tried key lime pie. But I want to now!!!

    1. It's so lovely to know that you are teaching too and 'get it'!. I'm not sure how you manage with little ones - I'm in Year 6 so opposite end of primary school to you. I agree with you completely hard work, but so so so rewarding.

      I know it may sound really, really cheesy but I feel so privileged to have my job. I work in an amazing inner city school where the children with some fantastic, caring colleagues.

      Some days I get out of bed and wish I didn't have to but by the time I pull in the school gates I don't regret it for a moment.

      Oh my goodness I must stop now - this is beginning to sound far too gushing!!!!
      have a lovely weekend xx

  7. Oh, your poor Ollie, I hope he recovers soon! Sounds like a busy week. Enjoy your workshop, I can't wait to hear about it! x

    1. The workshop was exhausting!! I was concentrating so much that I forgot to breathe! I'm in awe of anyone who can crochet - i think it will take me quite a long time before I progress from stage 1 .... have a lovely weekend xx

  8. Dear, dear Ollie: get better soon! I can imagine how I would feel were our puppy injured. It must be lovely to see a day to day improvement, I imagine.

    I was a teacher for a number of years (once a teacher always a teacher) and loved my job with a passion so I understand completely.

    Did you get my mail, Lorraine? ;-)


    1. Hi Stephanie - sorry for being such a terrible blogging friend :( i will get on to my emails straight away - I am so excited that she is still for sale :)

      I think you need to be passionate about teaching to be effective don't you? The rewards are amazing. I feel very, very lucky to have this opportunity.

      Will get straight over to my email account now xxx

  9. Ah marking the bane of my working life. All the GCSE folder marks have to be in next week and so I am marking up a storm. I totally love my job but I do not love the marking x

  10. I love my job too, apart from the rain & the cold bit!
    Poor Ollie, I hope he's feeling a bit better now...
    yummmyyy looking pie! I hope you had fun at your workshop.

    Lou xxx